YallaHosting.com FAQ Introduction
Introduction to the Internet, Domain Names, Hosting, and E-mail.
What is the Internet?
What is Web Hosting?
What is Shared Web Hosting?
What is Managed Dedicated Hosting?
Which one should I choose, Shared or Managed Dedicated?
What is a Server Operating System?
What is a Domain Name?
What are the advantages of E-Business?
How can I create a Web Site?
What is Data Transfer?
What is Traffic? Is it the same as Data Transfer?
How does Data Transfer affect me?
What is Bandwidth?
What increases bandwidth usage?
What is Server Disk Storage?
What are E-mail Addresses?
What are E-mail Auto-responders?
What is E-mail Forwarding?
What exactly is a subdomain or sub domain?
What is FTP Account?

YallaHosting.com FAQ Introduction
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