YallaHosting.com FAQ General
General information about having an account.
What kind of operating system do your servers run on?
What do I get with my account?
Do I have access to update my site 24 hours a day?
How can I make updates or changes to my site?
What is the account Control Panel?
How can I update my account details?
How quickly will my account be set up after I sign up?
What if I order a new web hosting account, but I don't hear from you. What should I do?
Do you have technical support?
I forgot my password, how do I get it again?
I see some hosts offering "unlimited bandwidth". Why don't you offer this?
Can I upgrade my plan or features later?
What happens if I go over the bandwidth limit for my account?
What is the cost for additional features?

YallaHosting.com FAQ General
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